1. How do I order photo prints?

You can order photo prints from one of our many high street retailers via their online ordering system, the Fujifilm Imagine app (available from the apple store or Play store) or by visiting a store in your area.  To find your nearest store go to our store locator:  fujifilmphotoservices.co.uk .  NB, All of our retailers can print images from your mobile phone.

2. What are the standard sizes for photo prints?

Standard print sizes for regular prints are 6”x4”, 5”x7”.  However, now that most phones offer square format, you can also choose to print square 5”x5” or 6”x6”.

3. What’s the best resolution for printing my photos?

FUJIFILM printers output prints at 300dpi; there is no need to save your images any higher.

4. What is Fujifilm Imagine?

FUJIFILM Imagine is our current order taking software, which is available across all platforms -online, in store and on the mobile app.  Therefore, for instance, you can create an account online and also login to the same account with all your images and details either instore or on the app.  The Imagine software has many features and allows you to create a multitude of products including prints, canvas, posters and photo gifts.  Imagine also has a large clipart gallery allowing you to personally design any of these products.

5. How does the Fujifilm Imagine app work?

  • Go to your app store and choose Fujifilm Imagine (for ios users choose Fujifilm Imagine – Australia)
  • Open the app and enter your store code.  Your store code can be found on the store locator next to your store details.  Alternatively, if you do not know the store code you can choose the “Search all” drop down list and filter by county.
  • Once you have linked through to your local store, you can place orders for delivery or collection and pay via Paypal using either your Paypal account or any debit/credit card.

6. How can I change which store I am connected to in the Fujifilm Imagine app?

Go to “settings “ in the menu on the right hand side of the app and choose to “Reset”.  This will reset the app back to the log in page where you can then choose a new retailer.  NB.  As your account was registered with the previous retailer, you will need to re-register.

7. I want to use the app, but my photos are on my computer, what should I do?

You should visit the retailer’s online link and create an account and upload your images from the computer to your online album.   You can then either choose or order via the online system or via the app.

8. I want to shop online, but my photos are on my phone, what should I do?

You should download the Imagine app to your device and then choose your retailer.  You should then choose the “Globe” option from the menu at the top of the page.  This will allow you to upload images to your account.  You can then launch the online system on you PC, login and all your images will be there.